Roseville Oval Hosts Mass Start Championships

The weekend provided two very different days of racing at the Oval. Saturday was a picturesque day with a clear blue sky and the sunshine shimmering off the freshly Zambonied ice. Sunday, on the other hand, brought over a foot of snow – but the show (and the shoveling) must go on.

Skaters were awarded points based on their finishing position in the 500m, 800m, 1000m, 1500m, and 3000m. Skaters from Winnipeg chartered a bus for their impressive contingent.

Here is the link to the photo gallery.



Masters Men:

1. Randy Plett

2. Matt Trimble

3. Ulrich Fink

Senior Men:

1. Kevin Esau

2. Scott Kennedy

Intermediate Men:

1. Connor Woods

2. Rory Jackson

Junior Men:

1. Simon Koots

2. Christian Liebzeit

3. Aaron Carter

Juvenile Men:

1. Gunnar Lundberg

2. Liam Woods

3. Owen Javra

Midget Men:

1. Isaac Harker

2. Declan Dahlberg

3. Colton Mishek

Pony Men:

1. Ian Bahn

2. Peter Yi

PeeWee Men:

1. Kian Rafian

2. Charlie Dilla

Tiny Tot Men:

1. Jaylin Yi

2. Carl Shobe


Masters Ladies:

1. Leela Brauna

2. Cheryl Conklin

Intermediate Ladies:

1. Hannah Martin

Junior Ladies

1. Natalie Burg

2. Murial Kennedy

3. Carly Foster

Juvenile Ladies:

1. Carley Hopkins

2. Mary Prendergast

3. Samantha Eide

Midget Ladies:

1. Emma Javra

2. Alexa Scott

3. Kennedy Charles

Pony Ladies:

1. Giorgia Birkland

2. Melanie Pankow

3. Brooke Rietvelt

PeeWee Ladies:

1. Jia Griffiths

2. Evie Stephens

Full Results can be found here.

Here is the link to the photo gallery.

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