World Sprint Championships Dominated By Inliners

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Admin in Race Reports


World Sprint Championships

The United State’s Heather Richardson and the Netherland’s Michel Mulder, both inline champions, took gold in the World Sprint Championships on the ice in Utah this past weekend.

Mulder will now attempt to defend his inline World Championship title before beginning Olympic preparations.

Inliner Brittany Bowe also had a good weekend in Utah, despite being impeded by a soon to be disqualified skater in her 1000m. Skaters switch lanes on the back stretch (recall Sven Kramer’s Olympic disqualification), with the skater in the outside lane having the right of way. The Czechoslovakian Karolina Erbanova and Bowe nearly collided after Erbanova drifted improperly. Bowe still managed fifth place in the event, 8th overall.


Local inline skaters have also been having impressive seasons on the ice. Paul Dyrud, who says he skates inline to stay in shape for ice, has been a consistent top performer in national competitions. Melissa Dahlmann is now the 5k Masters World Record holder and track record holder at the Pettit Center in the 10k. Rebekah Dyrud and Steven Hartman, who skated a couple of inline events last summer, have also been fun to watch on the ice.

The U.S. Junior Long Track Championships will be held this weekend at the Oval. Contact Kaari Cox for information about volunteer opportunities.

Training tip of the day: make sure the Zamboni is not blocking both lanes at the exit of the turn before zipping into a corner.

  1. jeklcox says:

    Nice article…a great reminder about how well inlining and ice complement each other. And might I inquire as to how you arrived at the “tip of the day?” Personal experience, perhaps?