The End of the Season

Posted: March 10, 2013 by jeklcox in Uncategorized


The 2012-13 long track season is over.  However, that doesn’t mean that there are no more opportunities to work on long track fitness or technique until next winter.  Whether you’re a veteran long track skater, are new to the sport, or are an inliner interested in checking into the long track world before the Dome closes next winter and forces you out into the cold–there are many options and opportunities for you this summer.

First, the John Rose Oval will open for inlining in the spring, likely in early May.  This is a great place to work on long track technique, especially corners.  Last summer it was open every day from approximately 10 am to 8 pm; check Skate the Oval as spring approaches for the opening date and the exact times.  In the past, the oval has been free during the summer; hopefully it will continue to be no-cost this year.  In addition to open skating at the oval, there will be a weekly racing/training series throughout the summer; more details on this will follow.  For those looking for some informal (and free) coaching in long track technique and drills on inline skates, the MN Masters Speedskating will be hosting some “ask questions and get advice” sessions during the spring and summer months at the oval.  Again, details will follow as the snow melts and outdoor skating becomes possible.

So if you’re new to long track skating or just looking for new summer workout options for your long track pre-season, check back here for further information, and get your inline skates ready!

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