MN Masters Joins Twin City Speedskating

Posted: October 12, 2013 by jeklcox in News & Notes

The MN Masters Speedskating Club has officially become a group in the Twin City Speedskating club.  Twin City Speedskating (formerly Plymouth Wayzata Speedskating) is a well-established club that offers both short track and long track programs.  The short track is held in the Plymouth Ice Center in Plymouth, MN, while long track is on the Guidant John Rose Oval in Roseville.  Coaching is offered in both short and long track.  For more information on TCSS, go to their website.

We felt that merging MN Masters with TCSS would be the best way to continue to promote the sport of speedskating, especially among masters-age adults.  TCSS is very supportive of adult skaters but has been minimally involved in the masters racing scene, while  MN Masters has been heavily involved in racing but doesn’t have the resources to offer coaching, skate rental for those wanting to try speedskating, etc .  By merging MN Masters with TCSS, we can provide support, information, coaching, and camaraderie to adults of all skating levels from beginner to MAT 1.  We will continue to maintain the MN Masters website, and there will be a link to this site on the TCSS site.  For more information, contact the Masters Liaison at TCSS at

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