American Cup Comes to Roseville

Posted: December 8, 2013 by Admin in Racing Information

Inliners lead the way:

Last season when the American Cup came to town, skaters were met with a beautiful, mild, and sunny Saturday, and a blizzard on Sunday. This season, skaters dealt with temperatures below zero on Saturday and once again snow falling on Sunday. Conditions hampered skaters preparation and slowed the lap times. Rebekah Dryrud was consistently strong, inliner Briana Kramer was solid in the 3k, and Steven Hartman, the Blumels, and Paul Dyrud led the way for the men. Randy Plett led the way for Canada.

On the international scene, Joey Mantia earned his first First Place at the final World Cup event before the Olympics. Heather Richardson continued to dominate the women.

Here is the photo gallery.

Saturday Results:

Female 500:

1 Paige Schwartzburg LN4 USAUSA 43,20
2 Allie Thunstrom LSA USAUSA 43,97
3 Rebekah Dyrud LN3 USAUSA 44,39

Female 1000:

1 Paige Schwartzburg LN4 USAUSA 1.27,86
2 Rebekah Dyrud LN3 USAUSA 1.29,26
3 Erin Bartlett LSA USAUSA 1.30,77

Female 3000:

1 Jaclyn Rowe LN1 USAUSA 4.48,59
2 Erin Bartlett LSA USAUSA 4.51,14
3 Danielle Barrett LN3 USAUSA 4.51,19
4 Rebekah Dyrud LN3 USAUSA 4.51,82
5 Briana Kramer LN3 USAUSA 4.53,69

Male 500:

1 Mac (Joseph) Blumel MN3 USAUSA 38,45
2 Mike Blumel MSA USAUSA 38,93
3 Steven Hartman MA2 USAUSA 39,07

Male 1000:

1 Alex Ochowicz MSA USAUSA 1.17,69
2 Mike Blumel MSA USAUSA 1.18,43
3 Steven Hartman MA2 USAUSA 1.18,80

Male 3000:

1 Steven Hartman MA2 USAUSA 4.25,32
2 Michael Koenig MB2 USAUSA 4.33,99 SB
3 Kyle Ronchak MA2 USAUSA 4.39,14
4 Robert Goodwin MA2 USAUSA 4.41,41

Male 5000:

1 Paul Dyrud MSA USAUSA 7.15,44
2 Chase Reichmann MSA USAUSA 7.15,61
3 Connor Theisen MN1 USAUSA 8.23,74


Here is a link to complete results.

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