Mass Start Championships

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Mass Start Championship

The day started early on the ice at the Roseville Oval. Last weekends American Cup was quickly followed this weekend with the Mass Start Championships. Randy Plett was back down in the states to defend his crown, and the younger skaters got a final tuneup before heading out to Olympic trials. Unlike the Olympics, which are referred to as “metric” racing, this event is pack style and pits skaters head to head all in the same heat. Skaters race each other not the clock. The festivities continue Sunday the 15th – head out and watch free.

Here is a link to the photo gallery.

Metrodome Fifty Miler

After the adventures on the ice, the days next skating was the annual/final Metrodome Fifty Miler. The December 13th episode of Almanac featured a Rollerdome special with interviews with Penny and Phil, in which Phil described the reason for the event – his birthday. The event brought out skaters rarely seen lately, like Collins, Duethman, and Peper. The start of the event was delayed due to skating being upper level only as Vikings personnel finished putting game day programs on every seat in the stadium. Once the event was underway, skaters did their best to keep the dozen three-person pacelines from getting too close together.

Here is a video taken towards the end of the event – the skaters that remained were exhausted by this point:

Here is a link to the photo gallery.

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