American Cup Blaine Short Track

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The racing on Saturday, January 25, 2014 included both male and female 500m and 1500m. Sunday morning will bring the 1000m and 3000m. The 500m event is pretty much all out all the way for most skaters. There is not a whole lot of strategy other than to go faster for longer than the other skaters. In contrast, the 1500m lends itself well to the strategic skater. It is a short enough race that an ambitious skater could try to make an early move and then hold off the pack. Alternatively, skaters may elect to skate a very modest early pace and slowly amp up the pace until a final couple lap sprint. In a crowded pack event those final couple laps turn into a melee.

While Sochi Olympians were not in attendance, the level of speedskating talent was still quite high. Even those skaters competing in the C and D finals moved effortlessly and nearly silently. Without the clattering thud of a clap skate or the squeak of one of Schulte’s weight burdened inline bearings, short track skating can be both silent and graceful. That is until a skater catches an edge and tumbles into the padded wall.

The ladies 1500m final was among the days most competitive heats. In the early heats the top skaters were spread out among the waves. When women were introduced before the race, many of their names were followed by: 5th place finisher at Olympic trial (or 8th, 9th, 12th place respectively). You will see in the photos that the skater in red dominated the 1500 event. With only a lap to go a few skaters collided, one injury was serious enough the race was stopped. Rather than restart the race with one lap left, the entire race was re-raced. The dominant red skater would against skate a strong race, but in the final couple laps she would be passed and appeared to be gassed, from having to skate nearly the entire race twice (while pulling constantly both times).

The mens 500m final was an impressive display of speed. The event lacked the set up and pass of the 1500m event and the standings after the first lap nearly matched the finishing order.

Skating starts tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM. Click here for more information.

Here is a link to the photos.

Results will follow when final.


Women’s 1000m “A” Final:
1. Brittany Salmon, West Jordan, Utah, 1:38.35.
2. Kimberley Goetz, West Jordan, Utah, 1:38.45
3. Jerebelle Yutangco, Barrington, R.I., 1:42.18.
4. Alexis Burkholder, McMurray, Penn, 2:27.11.

Men’s 1000m “A” Final:
1. John-Henry Krueger, McMurray, Penn., 1:36.90.
2. Cole Krueger, McMurray, Penn., 1:37.00.
3. Keith Carroll Jr., West Valley City, Utah, 1:37.05.
4. Jake Powers, West Valley City, Utah, 1:37.32.

Recall that Krueger was forced to scratch from Olympic Trials after coming down with swine flu. While he wasn’t against the same level of competition he would have faced at Olympic Trials, but he left little doubt who the top skater on the ice was this weekend.

Women’s 3000m “A” Final:
1. Kimberley Goetz, West Jordan, Utah, 5:38.33.
2. Alexis Burkholder, McMurray, Penn, 5:38.75.
3. Brittany Salmon, West Jordan, Utah, 5:39.33.
4. Sarah Shires, Milwaukee, Wis., 5:39.56.
5. Lauren Zigelmayer, West Jordan, Utah, 5:46.26.

Men’s 3000m “A” Final:
1. Cole Krueger, McMurray, Penn., 5:35.37.
2. John-Henry Krueger, McMurray, Penn., 5:35.47.
3. Keith Carroll Jr., West Valley City, Utah, 5:35.63.
4. Jake Powers, West Valley City, Utah, 5:35.90.
5. Jae Jae Yoo, Annandale, Virginia, 5:36.80.


Women’s final overall classification:
1. Goetz, 1720 points

2. Salmon, 1620

3. Burkholder, 1551

4. Yutangco, 945

5. Shires, 668

Men’s final overall classification:
1. John-Henry Krueger, 1800

2. Carroll, 1540

3. Cole Krueger, 1476

4. Powers, 1037

5. Pivirotto, 771

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