Long Track Masters Camp

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Can’t wait to get back on the ice? Here’s the perfect opportunity to get a lot of ice time, some great coaching, and a chance to socialize with fellow masters long trackers:

Masters Long Track Speed Skating Camp in Milwaukee, WI at the Pettit National Ice Center.
Run by Olympian and Olympic Coach Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr.
Sponsored by the Flushing Meadows Speed Skating Club (FMSSC)
September 24-28, 2014.
Revision as of July 31. Schedule subject to change without notice.
Questions? Contact: Glenn Corso, 516-381-7734 or glenncorso@gmail.com
Wed 9/24 Arrive by mid afternoon:
4-6 pm Pack ICE session on own. Nancy will write up a general workout.
6-? Party area for welcome meeting, Q&A session and general discussion of plans for camp.
Thurs 9/25:
8:30 – 9am HoF room (Discuss plan for day)
9 – 11am ICE
11 – 11:30 cool down
11:30 – 2pm – Lunch? Could shorten this time to an hour, TBD.
2 – 4pm Dryland – Party area or Mirror room for slideboard.
4 – 6pm ICE (ice available until 7pm)
7 – dinner on own.
Friday 9/26:
8:30 – 9 warm-up
9 – 11am ICE
11 – 11:30 cool down
11:30 – 1:30 HoF room… (For skate equipment and other general discussions.)
1:30 – 2:30 Lunch on own
2:30 – 3:45 Dryland – possibly HoF room
4 – 6pm ICE (ice available until 7pm)
7 – dinner on own.
Sat. 9/27:
9 – 10am warm-up and discuss plans for the day
10 – 12pm ICE (ice available from 9am)
12 – 1:30 Lunch on own
2 – 4pm Dryland in party area OR ICE depending on how everyone feels.
6:30 or 7pm meet for group dinner/party. Buffet style dinner hosted in the HoF room. Menu will be as
posted at the bottom.
Sunday 9/28:
9 – 10 am warm up
10am – 12:30pm ICE
12:30 – 1:30 Wrap up, final discussions, other?

Here is the link to the sign up page:

Other notes:

Nancy will be putting together a questionnaire which will be given to all registrants to fill in. Nancy will also plan to meet with each skater (if they choose) for 30-45 minutes each to discuss goals and anything else that skater would like to discuss or ask. At the start of the camp we will try to schedule people for specific time slots. Most of these meetings will take place during lunch times and after ice sessions, so everyone needs to be flexible and commit to times to meet with Nancy Sr.

The camp will cost $185 each.
We are also offering pay per day sessions for those who may not be able to participate in the entire camp. $55 Thursday, $55 Friday, $45 Saturday, $40 Sunday.

Ice fees will need to be paid directly to the rink each time there is a session. We are planning 6 sessions, minimum, at $11/session. OR you can buy a 10 pack for $95. (7 ice sessions if you count the Wednesday afternoon on your own session.)

Camp fees will be payable to Safe Pay events. This event will be sponsored by the Flushing Meadows Speed skating club. While this is not a USS sanctioned event, we do encourage (but no required) all participants to be members of USS or their respective country governing bodies.

Banquet costs will be $25/head. Please pay for the number of people in your party. A final head count is needed no later than Friday Sept 19th so that the proper amount of food may be pre-ordered.

Hotels, please make reservations via the links on the Pettit website (www.thepettit.com) to get discount.
Specifically http://www.thepettit.com/aboutus/visiting-milwaukee.htm to get the Pettit center rate.

Buffet style dinner menu, set up in the HoF room at the Pettit. There will NOT be any staff, so everyone is asked to please help set up and clean up as needed.

$25.00 Per Person, prepaid. Must have a final head count by Friday Sept 19.

– 8oz Tenderloin Fillet Grilled to Perfection
– Garlic Butter Chicken Breast Fillet
(Note that the dinner costs cover one Fillet and one Chicken breast per person.)

– Au Gratin Potatoes

– Garden Fresh Tossed Salad w/ Dressings

– Green Bean Almondine
– Assorted Relish Platter
– Fresh Rolls and Creamy Butter
– Assorted Desserts and Coffee
– Assorted Pepsi drink products and water.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

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