Concussions More Common On Ice Than Inline Skates

Posted: January 19, 2016 by Admin in Inline

A study by the University of Rochester, New York concludes that recreational ice skaters are five times more likely to suffer a concussion as inline skaters. The study analyzed the “national injury surveillance system” (how scary does that sound?) statistics from 2002-2013 found just over 250,000 people injured ice skating or inline skating.

The injuries allegedly break down as follows:

  • 57.5 % female
  • 43 % age 10-19
  • 21% under 10 years
  • 25% broken bones
  • 23% road rash
  • 18% sprains
  • Recreational ice skaters were five times as likely to suffer a concussion as in-line skaters, and seven times as likely as roller skaters

If the study is accurate, why is it rare to see an inliner without a helmet, but even more rare to see an ice skater (non-hockey player) with a helmet?

The complete study has been submitted for peer review after being presented as a convetion; here is a link to the University of Rochester summary.

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