Final Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings

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Greetings Skaters,

A few topics to cover post NSIM:

Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings are up. Please review for accuracy and let me know asap if there are issues. Keep in mind only a skaters top four races count. Given how fast the NSIM race winner was, many skaters will not be counting their NSIM score as one of their top four. As a result, your point total may not have changed from the last update.

Prizes will be handed out after the two week period in which skaters can raise issues with the MIGP results/tabulations.

The top 12 finishers (which includes both of the Ken Huss award winners) in the MIGP will receive a race entry for next season. I have two race entries for each event. Some of those were given out at the awards banquet. The others will be given out in random fashion and the winners can trade them among themselves if you can’t attend a certain race, or desire a certain race.

After the top 12, I have five sets of TWINCAM bearings for the next five finishers. The four skaters that come after that will get a pair of Rollerblade brand socks. Any skater that completed four MIGP events has earned one of a limited number of Rollerblade baseball caps. Those will be given out on a first come, first served basis. My initial thought on prize distribution is that we would once again have a send off luncheon when Roger and Virginia head back to California, and prizes will be distributed then.

I would greatly appreciate it if prize recipients, or grateful skaters in general, would send a thank you e-mail to the folks that made these prizes possible.

  • Apostle Island Inline Marathon: Mary at
  • Roll For The Roses: Matt Johnson at
  • MN Half: Mike Cofrin at
  • Rollin’ On The River: Amy Enget at
  • Chicagoland Inline Marathon at
  • NSIM at Mike Ward:
  • and Rollerblade Representative Tracy White at:

Tracy ( contacted me this spring with ideas to drive race participation and highlight the MIGP. The prizes from both Rollerblade and the race directors are a direct result of his efforts. Please reach out to him and thank him and encourage Rollerblade and the race directors to continue their generosity in future seasons.

One thing I wish I would have said when I had the microphone on stage at the NSIM banquet was a thank you to my fellow skaters for your support and encouragement over the years. It isn’t much of a secret that I have had to battle a series of health issues the past few season. Thank you to those that have been so encouraging, understanding, and motivating.

*If anyone has photos of the MIGP Top 5 on the podium, or Melissa on the podium, please send those my way. Also there is some discussion on adding a 60+ Pro/Elite wave category to the NSIM. If you would like more information please contact Greg Miller at

Best of luck to those whose inline seasons continue at A2A, NYC, or Silver Strand. Anyone interested in trying ice, long track or short track, stay tuned to inlineskatempls for Try Speedskating Opportunities.

Andy Uttke

Top 25

The top 12 will receive free race entry for an event next season.  The next 5 will receive TWINCAM bearings, the next four will receive Rollerblade socks. Skaters have two weeks to alert me to any issues, at which time the standings are declared final and prizes will be awarded.

Thank you to Rollerblade and race organizers for making the prizes possible.  Thank you to Tracy White for the leg work.

First Last Total Points # of Races
1 Kelin Dunfee 4000 5
2 Steve Meisinger 3950 5
3 Elias Hendrickson 3768 5
4 Josiah Hendrickson 3589 5
5 Darril Otto 3478 4
6 Michael Mullery 3469 6
7 Tommy Peterson 3458 5
8 Greg Miller 3415 6
9 Melissa Dahlmann 3320 5
10 John Schulte 3314 4
11 Ryan Mullery 3195 4
12 Tracy White 3149 4
13 Jeff Steltz 3144 5
14 Matt Melanson 3033 4
15 Gary Davis 2974 4
16 Steffen Howard 2955 3
17 Bob Gerhard 2932 4
18 Paul Foss 2918 4
19 David Swan 2906 4
20 Jeff Terwilliger 2740 3
21 Ken Huss 2617 5
22 Adam Johnson 2576 3
23 Jesse Peterson 2543 3
24 Daniel Collins 2442 3
25 Herb GAYLE 2392 3

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