Speedskating Retailers


In alphabetical order, here is a listing of prominent local and web retailers of ice equipment:

  • Adams Inline sells elite level speed skating equipment. The shop is located in Minneapolis and is owned and operated by Adam Bradley. Adams Inline is active in the inline community as a sponsor of many inline races, events, and a successful national inline racing and product testing team.
  • Cascade Speedskates opened in 2007 to serve the Seattle market, but has expanded across the West Coast and onto the internet to provide short and long track equipment.  With a warehouse four miles from the Utah Olympic Oval they are able to fulfill online orders within four days.
  • Pierce Ski & Skate retails long and short track skates & accessories. They do not sell equipment from their website, so you will have to head to Bloomington; where you will find an experienced, well known, and knowledgeable staff that maintains PSA Rated Figure Skate Coach’s, Gold Test Figure Skaters, Inline Master’s racers, and U.S. Speedskating Level 1+ rated coaches.  Pierce has been family owned and operated since 1936 (now Bart Pierce – third generation). Pierce is also an active member of the inline community, and sponsors both inline events and a regional inline skating club.
  • SkateNow is a Utah based shop run by Kim & Eric Kraan and even though they’re not local they have just about everything.  The SkateNow shop is

    Utah’s Premier Speedskate shop for ice & inline since 2002,and a complete skating resource for: Ice Long Track and Short Track, Inline Speed, Fitness, Freestyle, Quad/ Roller Derby. Offers a full line of Skates and Accessories, Skin Suits, Sunglasses, Technical Sport Clothing, Skate Parts and Hardware, Sharpening Equipment, Running shoes… and more!

    Full Professional Services: Skate Fitting, Custom Skate Molding for ice & inline speed skates, Inline & Ice Skate Tune-Ups, In-house Ice Blade Rockering/Radius services, Blade Bending, and Sharpening.

    Retail shop location: 2682 S. Highland Dr, #104, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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