Where to Buy Inline Skates

Where can | buy Rollerblades in the Twin Cities? Where can I buy inline
skates in the Twin Cities?

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It seems new skaters in the Twin Cities could use a bit more guidance on how to get started.
The following is an alphabetical attempt to list and briefly describe the metro locations at which one can purchase
inline skates (aggressive, fitness, recreational, speed). Please let me know if | have neglected to include any
locations or if something new needs to be added over time.

Abo’s Skate Shop

Abo’s Skate Shop wvew.sk8hard.net has specialized in BONT Custom Skates since 1999. After 12 years in
Duluth. Abo’s is now in the NW Twin Cities suburb of Andover and provides unmatched expertise in foot
molding for custom skates; skate packages, and components from alt top manufacturers. Abo’s expert skate
service includes; bearing cleaning, skate fitting-set-up. heat molding, and wheel rotation. Abo’s also has your
training and racing “fuel” covered with products from Hammer Nutrition. For additional information or to
schedule a free equipment assessment or consultation please Call Rick at 218-260-7670 or email
sk8harder@juno.com Long Boards too!

Adams Inline

Adams Inline sells elite level speed skating equipment. Speed skating boots, as compared to traditional Rollerblades.” have a significantly lower cut boot (often below the ankle). These skates are design for speed
— not comfort or balance and are not recommended for beginners. Adams also carries a large line of etite
level wheels. bearings, protective gear, and related skating equipment. Adams Inline has both an online and
physical location. The shop is located in Minneapolis and is owned and operated by Adam Bradley. Adams
inline is also active in the inline community as a sponsor of many inline events, and a successful national
inline racing and product testing team.

Dave’s Sports Shop

Dave’s is (quite literally) the sports store of our childhood. It carries all the athletic gear you could possibly
desire, but still feels like a small town Mom & Pop shop. With internet sates and brick and mortar locations in
Fridley, Blaine. and Stillwater, Dave’s serves much of the metro community with a surprisingly diverse array
of athletic equipment, including inline skating, inline hockey, hockey, and figure skating gear. Dave’s offers
inline skates made from a traditional hockey boot from top brands like Bauer. CCM, and Mission. In addition,
Dave’s retails a wide array of fitness/recreational K2 (yes the same K2 that makes skis), and Rollerblade
brand skates for all ages. Dave’s also carries wheels, bearings, brakes, protective gear, and inline hockey

Hockey Giant Superstore

Located next to REI Bloomington, Hockey Giant is, as the name implies. a giant warehouse of all things
hockey — including inline hockey. They feature hockey and recreational style inline skates for all ages and
retail Roller Derby Brand (both traditional inline and quad wheel). Reebok. Mission, Bauer, Alkali, Tour, and
Easton. See also nearby Westwood Sports for hockey equipment.


Hoigaards offers fitness/recreational skates (K2 / Rollerblade brands), and kids inline skates as welt as
supporting protective equipment. Fitness skates are slightly “racier’ than recreational skates. They are
designed to go faster and be more maneuverable and are a good skate for a beginner who may turn racer.
Hoigaards is active in the community and also sponsors a successful local inline skate team.

Pierce Skate & Ski

Pierce is a winter lovers dream with skate and ski equipment for all types of skiing and skating. Pierce has
been named “U.S. Ski Retailer of the Year Award Winner” from 1995-2012 and is recognized as a world wide
leader in the sales and service of:

o inline skates (fitness/recreational/speed/elite)

o hockey skates (Bauer, Easton, CCM, all other leading brands)

o figure skates (Riedell boots/ Eclipse blades, SP-Teri boots, Paramount blades US.A. and
dackson/Ultima/Gam skates/blades & Tournament Sports Canada, MK and John Wilson Blades (HD
Sports) Sheffield, England both in new and used product)

o Ice speed skates (Maple Skate (NED), Zandstra Sport (NED), Bont Skates (AUS), Louis Garneau

o skate skis (Rossignol. and all other top brands)

Pierce retails inline skates & accessories offered from recreational to race/elite from ALL brands currently
Offered on the world wide market — in stock year around. They do not sell equipment from their website, so
you will have to head to Bloomington: where you will find an experienced, well known. and knowledgeable
staff that maintains PSA Rated Figure Skate Coach’s. Gold Test Figure Skaters, Inline Master’s racers, and
U.S. Speedskating Level 1+ rated coaches. Pierce has been family owned and operated since 1936 (now
Bart Pierce — third generation), and played an instrumental role in the history of inline skating (click here for
the historic photos and story). Pierce is also an active member of the inline community. and sponsors both
inline events and a region inline skating club.

Pinewski Ski & Board Shop

Pinewski, in Anoka, features aggressive skates (multiple brands), fitness/recreational skates (K2 /
Rollerblade), and wheels. bearings. and protective gear.

Play it Again Sports

With locations throughout the Twin Cities, Play it Again may be an affordable and low risk way to try out used
inline skating or “Rollerblading.” Play it Again also carries low-end wheels and some nice highly affordable
bearings. Play it Again locations are likely to have only fitness/recreation level skates and variable sizes.


Rollerbob is the rare retailer that can provide you the opportunity to try before you buy. During the winter
Rollerbob is a staple (and sponsor) of the Rollerdome community and has a booth set up on the lower level
nearly every night. Rollerbob features Rollerblade brand’s entry level, easy to use, easy to learn products.
He is accessible, knowledgeable, and experienced. When he is not at the Rollerdome, his website features
wheel and bearing packages.

Strauss Skates & Bicycles
Located just south of Highway 36 in Maplewood (very near the Hadley access point to the Gateway Trail).
Strauss offers skating equipment of all types (figure skating, hockey, inline, and quad skating). They feature
not only the ubiquitous Rollerblade brand, but also Reidel brand quad skates (Roller Derby style).
Additionally, Strauss carries kids’ Rollerblades, including the adjustable variety that can grow with your child.
Strauss has been an independently owned, brick and mortar establishment since 1887 — clearly they are
doing something right.

Shop owners/operators let me know if you wish to supplement my brief description.
Skaters let me know if | neglected to include your favorite skate shop. and I will update the list.