Minnesota Masters Speedskating Club

Posted: January 17, 2013 by auttke in Getting Started


The Minnesota Masters Speedskating Club is dedicated to providing a source of information, support,  and fellowship to adult speedskaters in the Midwest.  Although we welcome skaters of all ages, our primary focus is on those over 30—masters skaters.

To help with the providing information component of the club, we offer the following:


Originally posted in March of 2015

On Sunday March 1st, a hearty group braved one of the final cold days of the season to take a few more laps around what often feels like a second home in winter. Twig’s brought along his GoPro to capture the day. He also captured my skate at one point when his ski pole ended up nearly sending me to the ground – see the photo below. I survived the near miss and was able to get in one final skate on Tuesday, March 3rd. The oval is now closed for the ice season and will reopen the first week of May for inline and bike usage.


Skaters include:

Melissa Dahlmann
Andy Uttke
Jeff Terwilliger
Kelin Dunfee
Gary Groen
Bruce Anderson
Matt Trimble
Ulrich & Emma Fink